BOC-3 filing

Any transportation company seeking to operate as a motor carrier must file a BOC-3. It is a requirement for all interstate MCs.

In this Lesson, we will answer your biggest questions about filing the BOC-3 to help you stay on track.

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BOC-3 Form Filing FMCSA Processing Agent

About Lesson

Do you have big plans to start your transport company in the USA? Let me tell you something. Before you spin your wheels and get on the road as a motor carrier, there's one thing you absolutely must do. It's called filing a BOC-3. It's all about designating a process agent to accept all legal documents on behalf of your transportation company. It is a mandatory requirement for every interstate motor carrier operating in America, with no room for exceptions.

Failure to comply with the BOC-3 filing not only results in fines, but also jeopardizes your legal standing as a trucking company. Despite its seemingly mundane nature, this matter has serious implications.

But don’t you worry, we've got your back at every turn. By complying with the BOC-3 filing requirement, MCs can effectively operate in the transportation industry while protecting their interests in the event of a legal action.This lesson will provide an overview of what the Form BOC-3 is, what the requirements are, when it needs to be filed, and by whom. We will also discuss the process of filing, the costs, and how to avoid overpaying hundreds of dollars for BOC-3 filing.
How to File Your BOC-3 Form: A Step-by-Step Guide

What you’ll learn?

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BOC-3 / SOP agent meaning and FMCSA requirements

In this part of the lesson, we will focus on understanding the meaning of BOC-3/SOP agent, BOC-3 requirements, and their relevance to motor carrier businesses that operate across state lines.

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BOC-3 filing and costs

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What happens after the BOC-3 was filed

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When BOC-3 has to be refiled?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BOC-3 filing?
BOC-3 filing is a requirement by the FMCSA for motor carriers operating in the US. It involves designating legal agents in each state where they operate. Agents receive legal documents on the carrier's behalf. It ensures carriers are reachable and accountable.
What does BOC-3 filing refer to in the context of DOT registration?
Why is BOC-3 filing mandatory for certain motor carriers operating in the US?
Which agency oversees the BOC-3 filing requirement and DOT registration?
How often do motor carriers need to renew their BOC-3 filing?
Does Trucking42 Inc offer consulting services on BOC-3 filing issues?

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Learn BOC-3 filing procedures on your schedule with our on-demand training for trucking companies

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BOC 3 Filing for Trucking Companies
BOC-3 filing

Before beginning operations in the US, all motor carriers must file a BOC-3. Filing a BOC-3 is a requirement for all interstate motor carriers in America