Brokers pay the carriers for their services. This gives them the power to set the rules. To ensure transparency, brokers created Carrier411, the platform with reputation scores for all MCs registered with the FMCSA.

Freight Guard issues in general - and Carrier411 - in particular is an important topic for every trucking company. This Lesson covers all the right bases to keep you in the know - and it could be yours for just $49.


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Legally removing FreightGuard reports

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In the trucking industry, brokers play a key role as they are the ones who pay carriers for their services. This gives them the power to set the rules and conditions. To ensure transparency, brokers have created a platform that keeps track of reviews and reputation scores for all carriers registered with the FMCSA.

If a carrier doesn't follow the rules, other brokers can see it on the platform and may choose not to work with them. When negative comments about your company are visible to everyone, most brokers might not consider you as a potential client. This can be tough because having your truck waiting without a load can result in significant financial losses—around $3,000 to $4,000 per week, or even more.

Now you can see how important it is to understand this lesson. We will discuss the platform, what a freight guard report is, how to check if you have one against your company, and, most importantly, how to remove a freight guard report.

By learning about these topics and taking action, you can protect your company's reputation, improve your chances of working with brokers, and minimize potential financial setbacks.
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What you’ll learn?

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What is Carrier 411?

Carrier 411 differentiate carriers based on their trustworthiness. Brokers developed this platform with unique features to help them make informed decisions when selecting carriers for their shipments

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What makes Carrier 411 unique?

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What is a Freight Guard report and how does it look?

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How to remove a FGR

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Carrier 411, and how is it used in the trucking industry?
Carrier 411 is a platform that helps brokers, shippers, and other logistics professionals research, qualify, and monitor trucking companies based on their safety, compliance, performance, and other metrics. It tracks more than 1.6 million companies registered with FMCSA. It also helps users avoid fraudulent carriers applying for new authority.
Who can register with Carrier411?
How often are carrier safety ratings updated on Carrier411?
What consequences may a negative freight guard report (FGR) have for a trucking company?
How can a trucking company remove a negative FGR?
Does Trucking 42 Inc offer consulting services on freight guard issues?

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 Learn the essentials of high-value freight guard training in our fundamentals course for trucking

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