Financial Red Flags for Owner-Operators

These hidden warning signs may cost you up to $1,000 a week. Can you afford to lose that kind of money? Of course not, and you don't have to.

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Owner-Operators at risk red flags of costly shady practices

About Lesson

There are a lot of reasons why your hard-earned dollars are slipping through your fingers - probably you just don't know how to check the information, or you don't expect such a scam on the owner’s end, who, you think, is a friend of yours.

In this Lesson, we talked about a few shady practices that owner operators fall victims to - detention pay issues, fake rate cons, blown-up fuel expenses, cracks in the lease-to-own contracts through which drivers’ hope and dreams may slip, and finally, we talked about repair shop scams that can cost you a hefty sum of money.

This lesson will help you understand how to get your well-deserved money back.

Recognize the Warning Signs of Costly Shady Practices Faced by Owner-Operators

What you’ll learn?

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Broker detention time scams

In this part of the lesson, we're exploring the tricks and gimmicks that brokers use to cash in on owner-operators. And we’ll focus on just one of them in particular - the detention time scam

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Unmasking Carrier's Fake Rate Confirmation

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Misleading Statements

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Lease-to-Own Contracts That Don't Match Reality

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Third Party Trouble: Body Shop Scams

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This Lesson is only $49 but it teaches you to potentially keep hundreds and hundreds of dollars in your pocket. A good investment, I'd say.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a detention time scam?
A broker detention time scam is when a freight broker deceives owner-operators by manipulating or avoiding payment for the agreed-upon detention time. They may delay or provide false justifications to avoid compensating truckers for the time they spend waiting.
What can lease drivers request from brokers to verify the authenticity of the rate con?
What is a fuel surcharge?
What are some most common body shop scams?
Does Trucking 42 Inc offer consulting services on how not to fall victim to scammers?

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David (Jacksonville, FL)

Thanks to the insights from Trucking42, my company reduced monthly billing problems from about 8-10 to an incredible 2. No doubt, the investment in the Trucking42 lessons has been worth every single penny!

Member Benefits and Discounts in trucking lessons

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