Scam brokers in trucking

Our new lesson will help you discover the world of dishonest freight brokers. Learn about their shady tactics like non-payment, load manipulation, and ghost loads.

With practical tips, spot red flags early on, protect your business and stay ahead of these scams. Stay informed and stay smart to keep those dishonest brokers at bay! You've got this!

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When a licensed broker doesn't have the capacity to cover a load but pretends they do and then brokers it out to another carrier without the shipper's knowledge. FMCSA prohibits this.

About Lesson

I can't imagine the transportation industry without freight brokers. They connect shippers with carriers, help move goods across the country, and make a lot of money without taking on too much risk. That's their game. But some brokers have flexible morals and won't miss a chance to scam just about anyone. And if you arenot careful enough, the moment you realize you are being scammed by a dishonest broker would be a moment too late.

But if you have been in the trucking business long enough, chances are that fraudulent brokers have taken, or at least tried to take, your money.

Imagine you delivered a $5,000 load but the broker you are working with goes dark and won’t pay you. If you don’t know how to deal with it, there’s a slim chance you’ll ever get your money back.

How much time and energy should you invest in chasing the unpaid bill? Could you have seen the red flags before you got this headache? Sure, sometimes the customer is just slow to pay, while other times they may be taking advantage of the fact that you don't have a big office team dedicated to collecting these bills. And still sometimes the broker is a fraud and your money is long gone.

In this lesson, we will shed light on the topic of dishonest freight brokers and give you enough information to stay vigilant, protect your business and have a solid chance of getting your hard-earned money back.
Brokers that intentionally misrepresent services, capacity, or rates to carriers and shippers. They may quote reasonable rates initially but then try to charge higher unpublished rates later

What you’ll learn?

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Dishonest Freight Brokers

Fraudulent brokers are no better than any other shady characters, and they have their own set of shady tools to take money from hard-working truckers. Let's take a look at their dark arsenal

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Impact on Carriers and Owner-Operators

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Dishonest Freight Brokers: Red Flags and How not to get scammed

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Double Brokerage

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This Lesson is only $49 but it teaches you to potentially keep hundreds and hundreds of dollars in your pocket. A good investment, I'd say.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some most common broker scams?
Some of the most common broker scams include: double brokering, advance fuel fraud, non-payment of invoices. It's important for carriers to be vigilant in vetting brokers and verifying their information
What is a ghost load?
What is double brokerage?
What impact do broker scams have on carriers and owner operators?
Does Trucking 42 Inc offer consulting services on how not to fall victim to scammers?

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